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Antony Morato was founded in 2007 by Raffaele Caldarelli, who was then only 27. He is still the Company’s Creative Director and Chairman

The casual menswear brand Fradi is produced by Eurofradi Ltd, an Italian company founded in Martina Franca in 1996 by two brothers, Francesco and Mimmo Dimarco.

North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medalist.
Today Lowell North’s inspiration lives on in North Sails apparel as well. The North Sails motto is ‘Go Beyond’. To go where others can’t follow.

VALSPORT is the Italian brand that has made the history of sports footwear and has grown over time to establish itself as an iconic style brand. Valsport today is all-Italian artisanal quality, a continuous commitment to research and experimentation with materials, innovations and design.

Harmont & Blaine S.p.A. is an Italian company, easily identifiable by its signature Dachshund motive. It manufactures and distributes high-end casual-smart clothing designed for the premium segment of the market

The “Miss Sixty” brand was established in 1991 and it’s the sexiest, most ironic and seducing expression of SIXTY group’s research and creative commitment

People of Shibuya clothing is designed as reliable companions, flexible and durable ready for the dynamic journey of every day life.

La Martina shoes are the perfect solution for all occasions: elegant shoes for more formal contexts and sneakers for everything else.

The “Daniele Fiesoli” brand (man and woman collections) launched in 2000 has been integrated with the “Absolutely Made in Italy” philosophy, all the processes and yarns are made in Italy and in particular in Tuscany, in a true industrial district for knitwear.

afterlabel brand name incorporates values and approach of the brand, meaning literally: “going beyond brands”. afterlabel employs a brand new business model that is client/user centric: the brand becomes the tool to manifest uniqueness.

Woolrich shoes are made with excellent quality, extreme care and what makes Italian products renowned throughout the world: details, style and love. Produced with top quality materials, they have Vibram soles that will allow you to cross any terrain with ease.

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