Exclusive distributor in Russia and other countries C.I.S.

Antony Morato was founded in 2007 by Raffaele Caldarelli, who was then only 27. He is still the Company’s Creative Director and Chairman

The casual menswear brand Fradi is produced by Eurofradi Ltd, an Italian company founded in Martina Franca in 1996 by two brothers, Francesco and Mimmo Dimarco.

In 2004, Fracomina was born; a feminine brand with a strong Italian identity, which guides the passion and tradition of the entrepreneurs towards the future

Harmont & Blaine S.p.A. is an Italian company, easily identifiable by its signature Dachshund motive. It manufactures and distributes high-end casual-smart clothing designed for the premium segment of the market

The “Miss Sixty” brand was established in 1991 and it’s the sexiest, most ironic and seducing expression of SIXTY group’s research and creative commitment

North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medalist.
Today Lowell North’s inspiration lives on in North Sails apparel as well. The North Sails motto is ‘Go Beyond’. To go where others can’t follow.

The collection Ciesse Piumini, man and woman, designed espacially for who live in the city and are costantly looking for design and innovation, the models signed Ciesse Piumini are ideal for who love a sporty style but do not want to give up practicality and fashion content.

The idea of going beyond the vision of a collection, to concentrate on individual products is the answer of Essedi SpA (owner of the total look brand Antony Morato) to the evolution of Fashion.

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