SS24 sales campaign’s dates

20/06-11/08 clothes

19/06-15/09 shoes

Harmont & Blaine S.p.A. is an Italian company, easily identifiable by its signature Dachshund motive. It manufactures and distributes high-end casual-smart clothing designed for the premium segment of the market. Harmont & Blaine S.p.A.’s headquarters are situated in the province of Naples, Italy. It had a 2016 turnover of 81 million euro, provides work for over 500 direct employees and generates satellite activities which involve more than 1,000 workers. Our brand is readily recognized in Italy and abroad for its ability to interpret Mediterranean lifestyle with collections of high-quality standards and an unflagging dedication to research into colours, styles and new materials which are able to deliver increasing excellence to an international customer who knows exactly what he wants and won’t compromise on excellence.

Harmont & Blaine has over 100 single-brand sales stores and shop-in-shop points in Italy and worldwide, including Milan, Naples, Capri, Portofino, Paris, Cannes, Dubai, Doha, Miami, Mexico City, Panama, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Hong Kong. On the territory of former Soviet Union shops are located in Ekaterinburg, Tyumen and Yerevan.


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Italian brand

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