Sales campaign’s dates SS24:

denim precollection: April’24 – May’30 

main collection: June’28 – August’11

Antony Morato was founded in 2007 by Raffaele Caldarelli, who was then only 27. He is still the Company’s Creative Director and Chairman. Being rooted in Italian tradition, the brand embodies a cosmopolitan vision of Menswear, which looks at the lifestyle of the major cities worldwide as a source of inspiration. Vibrant and contemporary, the brand speaks to a new generation of style aware consumers, who look at Fashion as a way to express themselves. Products are designed to fit this New Man throughout the day, granting his own personal style choice with innovative and value-for-money outfits.

The brand is conceived for a 25/34 male consumer, who looks at Fashion as a way to express himself. Being open-minded and at pace with trends, this consumer ideally lives a metropolitan dimension, in which he enjoys dynamism and nightlife.

Antony Morato has a business model with an extensive vocation to the internationalization. Over the years, the explosive mix of Fashion content and accessibility has allowed us to enter more than 60 nations, different in culture and history.

During the last years, a selected multibrand network has allowed us to reach over 3500 clients in different countries. As for today, there are monobrand stores in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Colombia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.


Men’s collection

Total look

Italian style

For every occasion

Optimal balance quality

Trendy, dynamic, metropolitan

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